Your Family Stays Safe
From Germs

Safety Protocols Protect Your Child During Their Daily Routine

Your Family Stays
Safe From germs

Safety Protocols Protect Your Child During Their Daily Routine

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Aurora, IL

Frequent Hand Washing Prevents Any Exposure

Your child, their teachers, and classmates engage in frequent handwashing throughout the day. Teachers employ and encourage proper handwashing techniques, especially before and after meals and bathroom visits, transitions from indoors and outdoors, and when children take part in cooperative play.

Temperature Checks Screen for Potential Illness

All children and staff complete a temperature check before entering the building. Anyone with a temperature above the normal range must leave and follow state and CDC guidelines for testing and isolation before returning to school.

Social Distancing Now For Everyone’s Safety

Your family stays safe with everyone wearing masks and maintaining the six-foot recommendation for social distancing at pick-up and drop-off times.

Smaller Class Sizes To Minimize Risks

Your child’s small class size helps prevent the potential spread of illness. Your child has the room to play and learn safely with their classmates and teacher.

Deep Cleaning And Sanitization Eliminates Germs And Viruses

Frequent cleaning and weekly deep-clean sanitation with professional products keep your child’s classroom free of germs and protect them from viruses and other infectious illnesses.

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