Early Head Start, Head Start & Preschool for All

For Your Subsidy Program

Your Head Start And Traditional Child Care Center

For Your Subsidy Program

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Children 3 - 5 Years Old In Aurora, IL

Welcome to Your BILINGUAL Center!

Two New Classrooms & A New Playground Mean Plenty Of Learning & Play Taking New Enrollments Now!

Two minutes from Town Center 1, and equidistant from 5th Ave Highway 34, For Easy Commutes

A Bright Start For Your Bright Spark

At our Town Center 2 location, children ages 3 to 5 years old (not yet in kindergarten), lay firm foundations for the future. Our Head Start program offers comprehensive support for kids and their families. Preschool for All equips three and four-year-olds with tools for success in school and later life.

Inspiration In A Vibrant Space

Just two minutes’ walk from our original location, Hometown 2 welcomes you with a warm, friendly feel in the Hometown subdivision business park. Well-equipped classrooms engage little learners as they discover and explore.

All-New Materials Thanks To Quality Grants

Your child’s learning spaces gleam with colorful, brand new toys, games, activities, and materials. With quality improvement grants, we keep your preschool beautifully equipped, exciting and inspiring.

Unforgettable Fun In The Great Outdoors

Your child runs, jumps, plays, and develops their physical confidence in beautiful outdoor spaces. With regular class trips to a nearby 3.5-acre park, they discover the koi pond and water features while building their strength and a love for nature.

Rigorous Cleaning For Virus-Free Confidence

A professional cleaning team helps us to fulfill the highest standards of cleanliness, so you enjoy peace of mind. Weekly deep cleaning eliminates germs and ensures every space and surface is spotless.

Security Measures Keep Your Child Safe

All entrances and exits feature access controls, and internal-use cameras keep a watchful eye. Also, all staff members receive CPR training, so you know your child is safe.

How Old Is Your Child?


6 Wks - 15 Months


15 - 24 months


3 - 5 Years

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